Based in Atherton, Manchester. I specialise in both filming and photography using state of the art stabilisation equipment. This multitude of platforms allows me to provide a huge spectrum of dynamic shots that can be used both in the broadcast and commercial industries.

I am also fully insured with a £5 million public liability cover.

My ever expanding video and photographic work is used in the promotion of many diverse industries i.e. film, broadcast, sports and action, schools and workplaces and luxury hotels.

Using multiple platforms of camera rigs, one of my main specialties is understanding movement and how this keeps the audience engaged in the narrative. From extreme environments to the typical film set, I excel in creating dynamic camera movement and making it happen. Using Cranes, Drones and Camera gimbals, I will find the simplest solution to making that movement possible.

About Me

A bit of a Background for you

Ricky Sargent

Does a Little Bit of Everything

With over 5 years working experience in Graphic Design & in the Film Industry, Ricky has worked extensively with both live media and generated content. As a Semi Self-taught professional with aid from those in the industry, his meticulous eye for detail and creative flair have resulted in polished content, and a constant need for Tea especially when editing!

I often have my brother accompany me on shoots if I need the extra help! Never employed as an employee though, he's just happy to help me progress with projects. He too has a meticulous eye for lushous detail.

From time to time, Gordon Milton, a composer of music with over 40 years professional experience and a person whom has worked for Thomson|P&0 Cruises|Haven holidays. He often employes me on a freelance basis.