An automotive journalism concept devised by myself in an atempt to document my dealings of driving a variety of Vehicles with accompanied Daily driver antics

Car History

It all started when I passed my Driving Test just over Three years ago. My first car, A 2009 Ford Fiesta with a 1.25Litre engine. Slow, but fun no doubt!

Fiesta Metal. Incredibly fun and nimble, Agile and all the same feeling premium for a Ford. The review can be watched on the SpurMedia Channel...

2012 Audi TTS. I loved this car, it was my favourite until I discovered the NEW Audi TTS. With a Stage 1 Remap from APR, the TTS was making around 316bhp. Thats not slow!

2016 Audi TTS. Being much lighter over all and more powerful compared the mkII varient, it really handles near perfectly. With little to no understeer when pushed. This is thanks to the revamped and latest generation Haldex AWD system with both torque vectoring on both front and back axels. This means you always get perfect AWD handling! Find out more at "DefineTheDrive"

2016 Jaguar XE R-Sport. My first ever Rear Wheel drive car. Also, my first vehicle from the JLR group. Powered by a 240PS turbocharged 2 Litre engine and twined with an 8 Speed ZF Gearbox. One of the most technologically advanced JLR vehicles out there and would also provide the basis for the new XF.

2014 MINI Cooper S F56. My most recent addition to my ever growing list of vehicles I've owned. Almost like a more powerful Ford Fiesta Metal in my mind except with more technology (similar that of the TTS). Front wheel Drive, Open Diff and Lots of power. Im not sure thats a recipe to write home about but it is fun. It hugs the corners, most of the time...And accelerates like a stabbed rat. From my perspective this is one of the best small hot hatches of it's production year. Lots of tech, plenty of power and a very nice Automatic Gearbox if you want it. However, The most recent release of this Cooper S, sports an 8 speed Double Clutch unit to rival that of the VW GTI. Both cars equally as good as themselves but the MINI unfortunately has looks only a mother could love. That being said, It is quirky and fun so maybe that'd win your heart.


Since getting my first car and with my thirst for filming, I made a review about the car. I then did the same for the Fiesta Metal, but not the TTS?

No, not the TTS, because I've been doing vlogs on the car. Therefore my Audience knows how the car is from those videos. I like to document running costs, anything relevant like repairs, insurance, planned modifications and the best of all, track days!

Im now changing up my creativity on this Site and Channel a bit. Im focussing on the adventures that me and my partner have in the MINI. This does mean there is less car orientated content, for now... Since starting "Define The Drive", My daily life has changed so much, from owning a TTS, roaming Europe and from where it all started to the possibility of starting a family with my partner. That being said, going around Europe and the likes are still happening. Just maybe not from an Automotive Perspective. Luckily, Lara & I are both big travellers and we love exploring the outdoors so hopefully, this combined with my love of cars will keep you all occupied.

So, What's next?
Accompany me in my 2014 MINI Cooper S, as I attend various events and convoys across the UK. Well, Maybe not judging by what I said in the previous section. so lets reword this...

Accompany Lara & I in my 2014 MINI Cooper S, as we explore the UK and World. Whether we fly, drive or simply hop on a boat, anything and everything is an Adventure.

Head to the "Define The Drive" website where all videos and articles are there for you to watch and read!